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Music for a Summer’s Evening
Satruday 13 July – 7.00pm
Holy Trinity Church, Hurstpierpoint

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Coro Nuovo Ticket Terms and Conditions

All tickets sold are subject to these terms and conditions.

Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded after purchase unless the concert or event is cancelled, abandoned, rescheduled or where there is a material change to the concert or event. A material change is a change which, in Coro Nuovo’s reasonable opinion, would make the concert or materially different from that the purchasers of the Ticket could reasonably expect.

If you are unable to attend the concert or event, Tickets may be returned to Coro Nuovo for possible re-sale on your behalf.  No guarantee of resale can be given or refund made.  Any tickets for resale must be returned to Coro Nuovo at least one hour before the concert or event.

Ticket prices are subject to change.  Coro Nuovo reserves the right to change the prices of Tickets and/or introduce discounts/special offers which cannot be retrospectively applied to Tickets already purchased.  Concessions must be applied for at the time of purchase and cannot be applied to Tickets already purchased.

The ticket price of concerts and events purchased online may include a booking fee.

In case of any ticket issues please contact Coro Nuovo by email at tickets@coronuovo.org.uk.

Coro Nuovo Helpline

If you need information on concerts or events, or help purchasing tickets you can contact the Coro Nuovo Helpline:
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Email: tickets@coronuovo.org.uk