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Find out about Coro Nuovo

Find out about Coro Nuovo

Find out about Coro Nuovo

Find out about Coro Nuovo

Coro Nuovo History

Coro Nuovo was founded in 2013 by Andrew Rees and Catherine Kent. It is a choir of no more than 45 experienced singers who are keen to improve their singing and performance. The choir rehearse on Saturday mornings and these rehearsals are designed to concentrate on harmony and expression.

The Director of Music is Andrew Rees. His intention as Music Director is to bring a new depth to each piece we sing which is refreshing and exciting. He is most interested in the sound we make and the technique for getting there.

The Coro Nuovo Team

President: Dame Josephine Barstow

Director of Music: Andrew Rees

Managing Chair: Catherine Kent

Deputy Chairs: Susan Fleet & Helen Underwood-Lewis

Sponsorship: Susannah Hodgson

Treasurer: Alex Kent

Other Committee Members: Andrew Storey and Ian Allison

Our Purpose

  • Share our passion and love of music
  • Encourage the versatility of our singers and choice of music
  • Support young singers and musicians
  • Engage and involve our audiences
  • Provide a ‘red carpet’ experience for choir members