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Coro Nuovo Singing Day

Coro Nuovo Singing Day – Saturday 11th November 2017

Coro Nuovo held a Singing Day for young people in Years 9 to 13 in Sussex at Oathall Community College who might be interested in joining a Youth Choir.

The Singing Day attracted around 20 participants and was let by Coro Nuovo Music Director and International Tenor Andrew Rees supported by International Tenor Jeffrey Lloyd-Roberts.

Comments received from participants and parents after the event included:

I have enjoyed this morning because it showed me that there are lots of different ways to use my voice and I made new friends.

I enjoyed hearing how much voices could do in only 3 parts and how amazing the chords were! 

Learning Hebrew was quite cool because I quite like languages and I enjoyed speaking a language I hadn’t heard before and I loved singing the higher parts and meeting new people.

Sophia loved the singing on Saturday she hasn’t stopped going on about it.


For further details of the Coro Nuovo Youth Choir and/or future Singing Days please email info@coronuovo.org.uk or call Kate Kent on 07740 946276.

Coro Nuovo Singing Day
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